About us

  • empty-img-bigWreake Valley SAC was formed in 2004 by Kevin Garner. It's a small friendly BSAC diving club based in Leicestershire. In order to keep our costs down we operate in a "no frills" fashion without compromising safety. As a club dive recreationally at inland and in coastal waters in both the UK and abroad. We can train Sports Diver, Dive Leader, Advanced Diver, and many other S.D.C's such as Search and Recovery, Nitrox, Dive Marshalling and Planning.

WVSAC welcomes divers qualified with other agencies, and it is not necessary to hold a BSAC qualification to become a member of BSAC. For any divers possessing basic or higher qualifications, from PADI, BSAC or other organisations, and who have the basic equipment necessary for diving, we do offer the opportunity for advancing training through the BSAC programme, and of course club members to dive with and gain experience.

We are more than happy to help and talk through any questions or concerns that anyone wishing to take up diving from scratch might have but unfortunately as the club doesn't have access to a training pool or loan kit we are unable to offer initial diving training to complete beginners. There are other clubs and dive schools in the area that we have links to and experience with.

Between our 14 or so members we possess a wealth of qualifications and experience ranging from BSAC Ocean Divers through to Advanced Divers and Advanced Instructors, PADI and CMAS divers, Nitrox, mixed gas and re-breather divers.

Diving in UK can mistakenly be seen as a predominantly male pursuit, we do have a significant number of female members, including our current Chair, Louise.

If you are a qualified diver, with your own kit, in the Leicestershire area and you are looking for a friendly club to dive with, wish to gain further diving experience and qualifications through BSAC, or simply wish to find out about learning to dive, please email one of our committee members or come and meet us at The Royal Oak.